Kiterise is an Exeter physiotherapy clinic with a difference.

We don’t accept every patient.

That may seem counterintuitive as a business, but it’s really to help you. 

Physiotherapy treatment requires close collaboration to get the best results. 

We know we’re not the right solution for everybody, so we handpick patients who will benefit from our service. 

This way, we have time to invest in tailored treatment and you get better quicker. 

At Kiterise, we’re really interested in active patient participation in treatment.

We’re looking for clients who know that their pain or dysfunction may be linked to their lifestyle. 

We want clients who are happy to reflect on the possible route causes of their problem. 

We’re then seeking people who are actually willing to do the hard work of modifying their lives. 

Changing years of habit and routine is uncomfortable and you may resist when we tell you what you need to do. 

And it’s not all physical. Engaging in both mind and body work is essential to see the best results, along with eating a healthy, balanced diet. 

Getting up even earlier before the kids and work to fit in your exercises is hard!

Taking extra time out of an already busy week to attend an exercise class is tough. 

We’re looking for people who are willing to make these sacrifices in pursuit of their health. 

We understand that this might not be for everyone, and that’s ok.

If you’re looking to put in the work to see results, then contact us to join the waiting list. 

You see, if you sit slouching at the office for the entire week, it’s not reasonable to expect one thirty minute massage to fix the issue.

Often muscle and joint problems can start developing months and years prior to the onset of any actual pain.

So lying down on a treatment table and expecting a quick fix through some magical massage or manipulation just isn’t realistic. 

Sure, these hands on treatments can be excellent adjuncts to work you’re doing at home, but they’re certainly no replacement. 

To learn more about physiotherapy and what you can expect from treatment, click here.

Alternatively, feel free to read more about our specific physiotherapy services in Exeter.

About Kiterise

Kiterise physiotherapy and medical clinic was created by Joel.

After training at the University of Birmingham, he went on to work in the NHS and professional football, for West Bromwich Albion academy.

Since then, he’s travelled and worked internationally, with experience in private clinics and hospitals.

He’s returned to the South West to set up a standout Exeter physiotherapy service while enjoying all that the Devon countryside has to offer. 

Joel’s a keen sportsman and fitness enthusiast which, combined with his knowledge of professional sport, gives him a strong interest in sports injuries and their rehabilitation.

Kiterise aims to bring in the best physiotherapists to offer specialist treatments for superior results.

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