Exeter Personal Trainer Appointments

Let me guess…

You want to get in shape.

Perhaps you finally fancy making that six pack a reality, or maybe you simply want to shift some weight.

We all have the same idea…to feel more comfortable in our bodies, feel better about them psychologically and be able to show them off as well.

Many Kiterise clients have had similar aims and for that reason, we’ve developed an Exeter personal trainer service.

Read on to learn more.

What is personal training?

Personal training is a supervised exercise service that helps you reach you health and fitness goals.

The exercise can take many forms and is personalised towards your individual aims.

Some clients need extremely sport specific advice while others may just want a generic programme to get a sweat on.

Either way, we can draw up fun and challenging programme just for you.

Benefits of supervised exercise

We’ve all been there. We do a couple of great workouts, feel great and become super motivated to instil healthy workout habits.

This workout thing isn’t so hard, you think smugly.

A few days go by.

Then on a cold, drizzly morning, the alarm goes off for your early morning exercise wake up call.

You’ve been pretty good until now, you think. Surely you deserve one day off?

So you hit snooze and go back to sleep. But then the same think happens the next morning…and the next.

Until before you know it, you haven’t been back the gym in weeks, your old routines having re-asserted themselves.

You’ve fallen off the workout wagon once again.

This is where a personal trainer comes in.


More than teaching you the specifics of exercise and giving you programmes to achieve certain fitness goals, it keeps you accountable!

On those mornings where you’ve had enough and can’t bring yourself to lace up your running shoes, having an appointment booked and a personal trainer waiting for you is the extra incentive you need to stick your goals.

It reminds you of why you’re setting yourself these challenges in the first place.

Let’s face it…any change is uncomfortable and cementing new habits is hard.

Having someone to guide you through this process is a vital step to forging a new exercise identity and dialling in your workouts.

Sport specific aims

In my career, I’ve worked with elite athletes and weekend warriors around the world.

They all have the same goal – to improve their performance in their chosen pursuit.

That might mean generating more explosive leg power to push their way up steep climbs on a bike, or improving agility in the case of conquering the tennis court.

Our Exeter personal trainer service can accommodate a wide range of sports and devise programmes designed to bring out your best in competition.


We all want to improve our fitness. Maybe we have designs to run a marathon or simply so we can play with the kids a bit easier.

Either way, in a society that’s becoming increasingly sedentary with people sitting for prolonged periods at work, it’s essential to introduce more activity into our lives.

Supervised personal training can help you do that.

Look better

We know that there’s more to life than looks, but many clients have the initial spark of exercise motivation because they want to change their physical appearance.

Many of us would like to lose weight. Whether that’s shifting the Christmas pounds or getting ready for the summer beachwear, a programme can help you got your targets.

As well as losing body fat, we can help you tone up and put on more muscle.

Like this guy…

Avoid injury

It’s common when we start to exercise to go too hard, too fast.
We’re so excited to get going that it’s easy to cause acute or overuse injuries.

Our Exeter personal trainer programme employs a graded approach to exercise, assessing your current fitness levels and building a foundation to gradually increase your activity levels.

This is essential to either compensate for current injuries and prevent future ones.

What will the sessions involve?

Firstly, we’ll sit down together and evaluate your aims. What exactly do you want to achieve? This is a time to be honest. If you want to have a certain look or achieve a long held fitness milestone, this is the time to say.

Then you will write that goal down, along with why you want to achieve it. This is an important step in the process and holds you more accountable when the going gets tough and motivation wanes, which it will.

We will devise a plan together of how frequently we plan to meet and the exact type of workouts we think will achieve the goal, with specific milestones along the way.

When we’ve agreed on times and places for your sessions, the hard work begins!

Exeter personal trainer sessions

We try to tailor our personal training service to suit you.

That means if you’re a member of gym, you could ask them to be accompanied by a member of our team for your workout.

We also frequently offer outside training sessions, especially in the summer.

If you need sport specific training, this can often be delivered in an open space, such as one of the Exeter parks or down by the quay.

Personal trainer near me

If you live in Devon, in one of the surrounding towns and villages in Devon, fear not. We may be able to come to you if it’s more convenient.

Or if not, we might be able to recommend someone local who’ll be able to help.

When you contact us to enquire about an appointment, please let us know where you live and where you’d like the sessions.

How long do sessions last?

Please leave at least 45 mins for you work our session to allow you to get a good workout in.

Your workout (including individual rest times) will be tailored according to your abilities, so the exact work out times may vary person to person.

What should I wear/bring?

Any workout gear such as a light top, shorts or leggings and trainers are fine.

Staying hydrated is essential so ensure you have water and/or an electrolyte drink handy.

Also, bring a towel so you can keep fresh.

How much are the training sessions?

Sessions cost £50.

How many will I need?

That depends on you and your workout goals. For those who want faster progress and/or greater accountability, you might need more frequent supervision.

Alternatively, some people may just want intermittent checks on their fitness goals and re-evaluation of their programme at specific intervals.

How to book a session

We hand-select our clients to ensure premium results.

Having worked with elite athletes, we know that mindset is everything and that our services work best with a specific type of person.

Therefore, if you’re interested and want to find out if we’re a good match, contact us here. Alternatively, you can see what other services we offer in our Exeter medical clinic.

We’ll likely ask you a few questions about your intended aims and take it from there.

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