Health and Wellbeing Services

We offer a range of health and wellbeing services at Kiterise for residents of Exeter and Devon, and also visiting patients.

To learn more about where we deliver these therapy options, visit this page.


Physiotherapy is our bread and butter.

This type of treatment is the perfect approach to manage the majority of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction.

Regardless of whether a problem stems from muscle, joint or nerve issues, we have the appropriate solution.

Under the physio umbrella, we offer treatments like exercise therapy, mobilisation and manipulation.

In addition to such treatments, for best results, we expect patients to play an active part in the recovery process.

Exeter Clinic Appointments

To learn more about clinic-based physiotherapy appointments. To learn more about treatment and what it might entail, click here.

Physiotherapy at Home

We also offer home visits. Learn more about physiotherapy at home by clicking here.

Mobile Physiotherapy

We offer services in your workplace (corporate physiotherapy), special events and sports tournaments. Here is more information about mobile physiotherapy.


Acupuncture can be a very effective technique at relieving pain and muscle tightness. We primarily use a combination of two approaches:

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

According to TCM, there are a host of acupuncture points distributed around the body along channels called meridians. The specific application of needles in certain points can be used to target a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Trigger Point Acupuncture

This, more western, style of acupuncture, primarily looks to relieve sources of tension which present as knots in muscles.If you’ve ever had tight muscles in your neck and shoulders for example, often trigger point acupuncture can be an effective treatment to relieve the discomfort.

Visit the following page to learn more about acupuncture and how it can help you.


Like acupuncture, massage is the perfect treatment to relieve tight knots in muscles.

It also doesn’t matter if your muscle pain started from playing sport. Most tight muscles are actually the result of normal lifestyle factors, such as poor posture or ergonomics at work.

By working on the tension in muscles, we can increase blood flow and help break down scar tissue from a previous injury or operation.

Not only will you feel looser, but it will also help counteract any pain you’re experiencing.

To learn more about the treatment and see what we offer, visit our massage therapy page here.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation

After having surgery, it’s vital to stick to your correct rehabilitation routine, as set by your consultant.

Sometimes it’s hard to know whether you’re doing too much or too little after an operation.

We can monitor your progress and ensure that your recovery is on track.

As you improve we can add additional exercises, which will help you recover function and return to full health in the shortest time possible.

Personal Trainer

Sometimes it’s hard to start the habits that will lead to sustainable health and fitness.

It may be that you require a programme to help you get on the right track.

Alternatively, you might want to push your athletic performance to the next level, with a sport-specific programme training regimen.

In either case, we can help, by providing a tailored option to suit your current exercise level. Click here to learn more about organising an Exeter personal trainer.

We’re one of the premier options for physiotherapy in Exeter. If you’re in pain and need an assessment, contact us here to see if we can help.


Pilates is an excellent type of exercise to improve general strength and flexibility.

It’s also very specific and with qualified guidance, can treat a range of conditions, improving muscle imbalance, posture and pain.

Click here to learn more about our pilates consultations.

Mindfulness Meditation

No conditions are solely physical in nature, and for that reason, it’s essential to address health and wellbeing holistically.

This is where meditation comes in, and more specifically, mindfulness.

There are numerous benefits to the practice, from pain management to improving general productivity, energy and performance.

To learn more about how it could help you, check out our meditation guide here.

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